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Hot fun in the summertime,  back to school and two Homecomings … we are back !  Look for our posts and all things Campus One Stop starting again via blog and twitter October 2013.  Thanks Sam for working it 2012 and 2013 school year … lets welcome Sangeeta to the web for all things Campus One Stop in 2013 and 2014 school year.

We Want YOU (to Tell Us Why You Love Campus One Stop)

We’ll cut to the chase…

PRIZE: Everyone who enters will get a small (chocolatey) gift from us. Our favourite blogger will win a $100 gift certificate to the store! If you tweet us, you’ll get $50! As well, two runners up will receive a Mola Mola gift basket, and we’re going to publish our 3 favourite entries on

The story:

We’re not quite sure how it happened but the end of March is almost upon us. With the exam period and the end of the winter semester, the culmination of the 2012-2013 school year is fast approaching for our beautiful Queen’s University customers. Some of you might even be graduating. All in all, Campus One Stop is feeling sentimental.

So many of you have come in and told us how much they love our store – we blush! In honour of the coming of spring and the end of another academic year, we are holding a blog & Twitter contest, open to all of our customers and admirers. We want you to tell us (in writing!) why you love Campus One Stop. Write us a story! It can be happy, sad, funny, exciting, surprising… anything.

Please see the rest of the contest details below. Email us your blog post or Tweet us a 140-character version by Friday, April 12th at 12:00 noon if you want it to be considered for the prize!

We’re so lucky to have so many wonderful neighbours who make us smile, laugh, and maybe get a little emotional with us every day. It feels good to have so any familiar faces come in for their morning Mola Mola coffees and hangover helpers, lunchtime sandwiches, mid-afternoon snacks, and dinner ingredients. Steve and Jim, the owners of Campus One Stop, are proud of how large this little store has grown; not only in merchandise, square footage, and sales, but in our place in this community. I guess what we’re trying to say is… WE JUST LOVE YOU GUYS.

<3 C1S

The details:

  • First, follow us on Twitter
  • Your post should be 200-500 words (if you’re blogging)
  • Include your name and @Twitter handle so we can share your post! If you’d like to remain anonymous, just say so.
  • Keep it PG-13 please
  • Email it to us! (by Friday, April 12th at noon) or tweet it
  • If you retweet our contest promotion, we’ll send you a code for a free cup of Mola Mola coffee. Thanks!

I’m Dreaming of a Green St. Patty’s!

St. Patricks day is upon us again and hopefully it won’t snow. It’s one of our favourite days of the year because you’re all so entertaining. Come in and try to catch a glimpse of Jim wearing a leprechaun costume (maybe).

We’ll cut to the chase and tell you how we can make your St. Patty’s day one to… remember…?

  • Ping Pong balls – brush up on your table tennis
  • Red cups – they’re for drinking!
  • Monster Energy Drink – 4pm called and said you gotta rally (3/$4.99)
  • Ice in large bags – extremely cold
  • Lays & Kettle Chips – 2 party sized bags for $6
  • 2L Coca-Cola products – 2/$5
  • Vitamin Water – you’re gonna need it on Monday… (2/$3.99)
Cheer cheer cheer cheer...

Cheer cheer cheer cheer…

Trust Us… This Food is All It’s Crack’d Up to Be

Homemade and locally-sourced sandwiches and salads

LUNCH! Homemade and locally-sourced sandwiches and salads are a win. Grab one on your way to campus!

A good sandwich is hard to come by these days. That’s why when we took a bite of The Crack’d Pot’s local roast beef sandwich with chipotle mayo, we declared “AY CARUMBA!” at the tops of our lungs and did a little jig in the store. We couldn’t help but wonder what kind of sorcery went into its creation.

Most grocers and sandwiches places carry their own varieties of the to-go roast beef sandwich, but most – especially around campus – just don’t cut it. The Crack’d Pot delivers a crunchy-flaky-spongy ciabatta bun, generously stacked and perfectly cooked medium rare roast beef, fresh lettuce and summery tomato, and a sweet-yet-spicy chipotle mayo to top it off. Yes, this is our first attempt at food critique, but we hope the message gets across. This sandwich ruled.

Our new friend Linda Forbrigger runs The Crack’d Pot on Sydenham St. north of Princess, an amazing store by foodies, for foodies. Luckily, she’s willing to share the love, and Campus One Stop now carries a large selection of her homemade and locally-sourced sandwiches and salads. They’re made and delivered fresh throughout the week, and you can find them in our grab-and-go fridge beside the Mola Mola coffee!

Cool Edible Gifts to Warm your Holiday Soul

Queen’s students know us as a friendly and convenient way to grab a snack, stock up on party essentials, or top up on groceries and fresh produce. Customers across Canada know us for our expertly sourced and curated gift baskets filled with goodies that put smiles on faces wherever they are sent. This December, we’re featuring all sorts of baskets – get something new and tasty for the foodies on your list this holiday season.

All of our baskets have themes, like our Shortbread Basket, Everything Christmas Basket, Gluten-Free Goodies Basket, and PB&J Basket (the latter has PB from Peanut Butter & Co. – YUM – as well as Greave’s Jam – DOUBLE YUM). Look for products like Elsa’s Story Brown Sugar Butter Cookies, Mola Mola coffees, and chocolate-flavoured chips.

Best of all, you can pick up most of these baskets for under $30. A super affordable way to show a student, friend, parent, prof, or random stranger (OK, that might be overkill…) that you’re thinking of them and their stomachs this winter.

Campus One Stop is located at 163 ½ Alfred St. (at Earl St.) in Kingston, Ontario. We always have baskets in stock! If you’re not in the Kingston area, check out Campus Care Package (also 1.855.665.2665) – we ship! Questions? Tweet at us or call the store at 613.544.6142.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Gift Baskets

Food for Follows

November charity continues! After our hugely successful “first-100-followers-get-a-free-coffee” contest, we’ve decided we might like some more Twitter followers and would like to do some good while we’re at it.

From today, November 21, 2012, until December 20, 2012, Campus One Stop will donate 1 food item to the Partners in Mission Food Bank for every new follower we get on Twitter! We’re proud to support this worthy Kingston charity – just by clicking “follow,” you can fill someone’s stomach this wintery season.

Food for Follows! Spread the word by sharing this post with the buttons below :)


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One Stop Gets Moustachioed

MEN. We love ‘em as much as the next Kingston gourmet grocer & convenience. That’s why this month we’re supporting Movember, a worldwide campaign to raise funds for prostate cancer and men’s mental health research. In exchange, the men of the world are growing dirty mo’s. We think it’s a win-win situation!

We want to help. So that’s why this Monday, Movember 19, Campus One Stop will donate all coffee sales to Movember. So people of Kingston, Queen’s & KCVI students, professors, teachers, staff, construction workers – please come buy a coffee this Monday, and help support a worthy cause!!!

We also have a donation box by the front cash for your spare change. Stay tuned for mo’ charitable promos later this month. Happy Movember!

All coffee sales on Monday, Movember 19th are donated to men's health research!

All coffee sales on Monday, Movember 19th are donated to men’s health research!


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